IDC Online Recommends about Foreshadow vulnerability

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As advised by our technical department, there is a vulnerability named Foreshadown (or other name “L1 Terminal Fault) of  (CPU) Core® and Xeon® of Intel. Foreshadow has two versions: first attack type gets data from safe region of Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and the second attact type is Foreshadow NG (Next Generation) gets data from cache memory L1, then catch sensitive data of system.

The list of affected Inter CPU:

Thus, IDC Online recommends Customers to consider the impact of vulnerability and  patch the corresponding operating systems are as follows (if necessary):

-         Windows OS: Run Windowns Update feature or install patch manually. Information of patch version:

-         Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS: run command “yum update” to update and restart OS. Detail information:

-         Ubuntu OS: run command “sudo apt-get update” and “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” then restart OS. Detail information:

 Please contact to IDC Online, if you need more information

-         Hotline: 19006452

-         Email:

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