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VPS (Virtual Private Server) or called a dedicated virtual server is a type of server created by splitting resources (RAM, CPU, SSD, HDD) from a physical server. high-configuration management into multiple servers with different configurations and have the same functionality as a dedicated physical server.

Like regular servers, VPS has its own IP and operating system.

VPS is a separate system, so you can freely control, install and maintain all services and data in the virtual server.

Cloud Server is a form of VPS. Cloud Server is also a virtual server that splits resources (RAM, CPU, SSD, HDD) from many other high-configuration physical servers. Each physical server shares a separate resource to form a Cloud Server.

Cloud Server has the same features as a regular server, has its own IP, its own operating system. You can freely control, install and maintain all services and data in the virtual server.

Basically VPS and Cloud are both virtual servers. VPS is a server created from a real physical server. VPS configuration is limited by the physical server that creates VPS. Cloud is created. from many different server clusters, each of which provides a certain resource: CPU/RAM/SSD/... and unlimited resources.

Moreover, Cloud Server uses the latest virtualization technology with many advanced features such as: control shutdown, turn on, console, automatic backup, proactively upgrade configuration, firewall, load balancing while VPS must have interfere with the management team.

IDC Online is a hosting resource provider. Each server is assigned a separate IP / Username / Password and does not provide it to any other individual or organization and does not interfere. to any activity within the Client's server.

After receiving the server information. Please change the password and update the latest security update packages to ensure the security of the server.

IDC Online's VPS & Cloud Server service is self-managed. That is, you will have full control of the Server at the top management level (Linux is root, Windows is the top management level). Administrator).

This will give you the freedom to customize on the server, which can help the server run more applications, optimize service resources, but also means that you need technical knowledge and skills to operate. operating a server. That's how you can maximize your potential when renting a VPS.

For customers who are not specialized in servers. IDC Online provides server administration services with prices from 500,000 VND/month.

IDC Online's technical team will support Customer's administration, service maintenance, and Customer's internal services. Please contact for more details.

If you need more power from the server to meet your needs without being affected by other customers renting the same Hosting, that's when you should rent a dedicated VPS.

You need a lot of resources so that web applications (web apps), online game servers, specialized services, ... VPS will meet your needs.

VPS gives you its own resources: IP, CPU, RAM, SSD, ... you won't need to share it with anyone, even if you don't use it all, the resource is still spared for sudden spikes in power. traffic or demand.

From installing your own OS (Operating System) to configuring specialized services from the highest administrative rights as well as monitoring all activities and parameters in real time, VPS helps you improve storage efficiency, processing for your business.

Web Hosting is a service for hosting small websites, such as simple sales websites, personal blogs.With Web Hosting, Customers share resources and server space with other users.

Web Hosting has limited resources for your use. The customization of the operating system, the user's services are limited, you can't configure many things like VPS. Other users' activities are also more or less affected. affect your website.

Web Hosting is suitable for individuals, beginners who do not intend to expand in the near future.

VPS provided by IDC Online is a self-managed VPS service. Once provided by IDC Online, Customer will have full control over that server and be responsible for all data. data in that server. Customers can do whatever they want with that VPS.

Please contact IDC Online when you need support when you can't connect to the server or need advice within the ability of the technical team.

With many different VPS and Cloud Server packages, each package has a different amount of resources and power. Along with a large number of Add-ons, customers can upgrade according to their needs.

Also with Cloud Server, when you choose to upgrade the configuration and the upgrade is successful. Your Cloud Server will be automatically converted to the desired configuration in a few minutes with Cloud Server's automatic technology.

VPS and Cloud Server provided by IDC Online are not limited in traffic even with the smallest service package.

IDC Online supports 1 FREE weekly BACKUP for each VPS or Cloud Server.

In addition, customers can actively backup with software for that service. For details, please contact IDC Online's support team.

With many years of experience in exploiting over 12 data centers in Vietnam. Customers can choose to locate in Hanoi as well as Ho Chi Minh City with a very good network for all domestic and foreign traffic. .

IDC Online provides a full range of versions of the most popular operating systems, from Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, ...), Windows (7, 10, 11, Server 2012, 2016, ...) to customized operating systems. Please contact the consulting team of IDC Online to install the desired operating system.

Because it is a self-managed VPS, Customers can use VPS completely according to their needs.You can turn any VPS, Cloud Server into a vpn server, game server, accounting server. , email server, …

That's the advantage of VPS that can give Customers full control over performance and install all applications.

Every VPS provided by IDC Online has its own IPv4. In addition, with each package of Cloud Server service, you are provided with 01 free IPv6.

VPS is securely provided with virtualization platform and cloud computing technology, partitioned by special software. In addition, IDC Online also uses other specialized customization tools to help monitor and secure the entire infrastructure, without affecting server performance.

The customer owns the server resources (IP/CPU/RAM/SSD/HDD) their own that does not need to be shared with anyone.

High stability, easy to control, even in the event of a spike in usage density, the server can still maintain operation.

The price is very competitive. VPS provided by IDC Online always has extremely competitive prices along with good after-sales policy, customers both own their own resources and receive 24/7 support with one level. cheaper than the service you get in return.

Both services have similarities with each other, both are dedicated servers but still have obvious differences.

VPS is a part of Dedicated Server, located on one of the partitions divided by a separate physical server. Meanwhile, Dedicated Server is considered as a partition of the physical server, but that partition is used. all resources of the physical server.

Currently IDC Online has 3 deposit methods:

- Transfer via Domestic Bank Account.

- OnePay payment gateway.

- Paypal

Please select the appropriate deposit method or contact support.

IDC Online's accounting department will approve and confirm your payment, the money will be transferred to your Account within 30 minutes. Please contact support if out time in works

You can create a ticket to be supported by IDC Online's technical team. Or you can directly contact Customer Care staff through Website or Hotline: 1900.6452

Please check the email in the folders: Important, All Inbox, Spam, ... if you have not received the information email.Also you can contact Support at website

You can choose Forgot Password to retrieve your password then log in.

If there are other problems that prevent you from accessing your account, please contact IDC Online Customer Care

For VPS/Cloud Server running Windows operating system, you can use Remote Desktop available on your computer (with Windows operating system) or download Microsoft Remote Desktop at here and install to login to VPS/Cloud Server.

For Linux VPS, you can login via SSH protocol.

The VPS / Cloud Server system, depending on the characteristics of Bot Net / DDOS, can offer a plan to support Customers in fighting DDOS.

With Dedicated Server service, anti-DDOS can be handled better, more thoroughly.

- You will be consulted by a consultant to configure the type of VPS that is suitable for your work and needs.

- Tested VPS for 1 day if using for the first time.

- Support to change Free IP 1 time / VPS.

- Get VPS / Cloud Server User Guide.

- Support during use when VPS / Cloud Server has problems or needs help.

You can manage VPS / Cloud Server via connection protocol (Remote Desktop for Windows, SSH for Linux...) even on mobile terminal devices such as smartphones and computers board (IOS and Android).

In case you have forgotten your Username or Password: please proceed to Use Reset Password feature or contact Support.

In case you are denied access: please contact Support.

For VPS: Please contact Customer Service or create a Ticket for the Technical Team to reinstall VPS.

For Cloud Server: You can manually reinstall and customize it in the admin account at

Note: When reinstalling (rebuild) VPS / Cloud Server, all old data is deleted and reinstalled new, please Backup data (Backup) before asking to reinstall.

Learn about the problem, if it's a common problem, just reboot VPS / Cloud Server. If the problem is more complicated, please create a Ticket for technical help or contact us. Contact Customer Care.

Different from Web Hosting, VPS/Cloud Server at IDC Online provides unlimited domain names. Customers can customize as they wish.

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