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administration Servers with hardware from IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco ... collocated in Datacenter Tier 3 in Vietnam, Server is used independently with outstanding performance. Unlimited bandwidth, security and safety.

  • Cut cost of building expensive engineering team
  • Using highly skilled IT human resources
  • Minimize the potential risks for the business
  • Professional monitoring and control system 24/7/365
  • All support requests are promptly and promptly responded to
  • Technology updates and version upgrades regularly
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Donate Server Hardware when rent the services 24 months consecutive.
IDC - Online is suitable for partners who are web designers or organizations

Service administration Servers?

administration Servers is the job of the personnel in charge of managing technical infrastructure in the enterprise, they are responsible for fulfilling all requirements such as basic installation, configuration, optimization, monitoring, reporting, setting up security and backing up your data safely, or dealing with any problems that may arise, if any, to ensure the server is always running in a stable state with top performance.
Server Administration Service is a form of hiring external technical human resources to undertake the job equivalent to server infrastructure administration positions in enterprises that do not have an IT department.
IDC - Online brand with more than 10 years of establishment and development, we have a team of experts with many years of experience working in the system field will always ready to meet all management needs. System administrator of your business.

Service price table administration Servers

We provide the Administration packages tailored to the needs of our customers.


For Individuals / Stores {{packagePrice1 | productPrice}} VND/Month
  • Support channel : Ticket/ Livechat
  • Applies to :01 Cloud VPS
  • Quantity website: 02 website
  • Installing applications : Basic
  • System optimization : không
  • System monitoring : Basic
  • Security Settings : Basic
  • Administration : Application layer VPS


For Small and Medium Enterprises {{packagePrice2 | productPrice}} VND/Month
  • Support channel : Phone/Email/Remote
  • Applies to :01 Cloud VPS or Server
  • Quantity website: 5 website
  • Installing applications : On request
  • System optimization : Advanced
  • System monitoring : Advanced
  • Security Settings : Advanced
  • Administration : Application layer VPS/Server


For Business / Corporate {{packagePrice3 | productPrice}} VND/Month
  • Support channel : Support private channel
  • Applies to :01 Cloud VPS or Server
  • Quantity website: 10 website
  • Installing applications : On request
  • System optimization : Advanced
  • System monitoring : Advanced
  • Security Settings : Premium
  • Administration :Application layer và hardware

Highlights of Server Administration Service IDC-Online

We take care of the server system, you just have to focus on core business activities.

Server Administration Service - Investment savings

Investment savings

Instead of hiring expensive personnel, enterprises can choose to hire a server administration service to solve IT problems comprehensively
Server Administration Service - Highly specialized team

Highly specialized team

We have a team of experienced experts combined with operating procedures according to proven standards over 12 years of establishment and development
Server Administration Service - Reduce risk

Reduce risk

Using new technologies and effective monitoring tools to help businesses quickly identify problems and minimize all possible risks
Server Administration Service - Optimizing productivity

Optimizing productivity

Maintaining a stable server system will help Enterprises focus on optimizing labor productivity to focus on core business activities
Server Administration Service - Flexible Solution

Flexible Solution

We offer a variety of service packages and are flexible from basic to advanced levels, depending on the budget and needs that the business chooses
Server Administration Service - Constantly updated

Constantly updated

All work related to the issue of upgrading and updating application software on the server system will be performed directly by IDC - Online team

Frequently Asked Questions Server Administration Service

Some basic knowledge and frequently asked questions about the service.

What is server administration?

Quản trị máy chủ is the word used to describe a job of personnel in charge of technical infrastructure management in the enterprise, they are responsible for performing all requirements such as basic installation, configuration and optimize, monitor, report, secure and backup your data safely or handle any errors that arise if any to ensure the server is always running in a stable state and at the highest performance. business criteria set out.

Does IDC - Online handle errors related to websites and applications installed on the Server?

IDC - Online will not be responsible for the content, directly interfering with the source code of Website, Application that the customer has installed inside the Server.

Why need to hire server administration service?

In order for the server to operate stably and efficiently, it is necessary to have a qualified technical team to monitor and promptly handle the problems that arise, as well as update the patches regularly. , to build a technical team with expertise will often be very expensive. Therefore, the Server Administration service will assist businesses with this issue.:
- Cut cost of building expensive engineering team
- Server administration by a highly qualified IT technical team
- Quickly detect arising errors and promptly handle them, minimize risks
- Concentrate on business without having to worry about server operation.

Am I provided with the highest root privileges?

In order to ensure the optimal monitoring and administration of the server, IDC - Online will revoke the highest administrator (root) and limit some access rights to interfere. server configuration.

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